Skåne's largest startup event!

Startup Live! is the night we gather the whole startup family to tell stories, celebrate with each other and find new ways to work together. 

Whether you're a new or experienced entrepreneur, investor, community builder, creative, techie, student or employee from a startup or a large company, or you are just interested to learn, come along and be inspired.

If you're interested in entrepreneurship or startups and want to know more about the innovative things that are happening in the region, this event is for you!

All you need to know

(Hosted at Media Evolution City) Side Event: Women in Entrepreneurship Fika - 15:00 - 16:10 
Fika with a group of passionate women interested in entrepreneurship! Charlotta Tönsgård will be speaking about her startup journey. No advance registration needed -- just show up at 15:00 at Media Evolution City on the 30th, and meet some of the most inspiring women in Skåne! This event is free and open to all women, not just entrepreneurs. After the fika we'll walk together to Startup Live! just in time for the Afterwork and Stage Show.

 Afterwork - 16:20 

STARTUP LIVE! Stage Show - 17:30 - 19:00

Afterparty Mingle - 19:00 - 20:30


P.S. Skåne Innovation Week

There are a lot of innovation-related events happening in Skåne between May 28 and June 1st, see the full program here.

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Afterwork: Coffee & Water

The event will begin with a mingle that includes coffee & water. 


Welcome to Startup Live!

Welcome to Startup Live! by the night's Moderator, Aisha Mossberg. 


Investment Update

Neil Murray will give us a look at what took place in startup investments in southern Sweden in 2017. 


Interview - Fireside Chat

An intimate fireside chat interview with superstar DJ & investor, Steve Angello.  


Startup Story

Early-stage startup, Dedecco will share their startup story. 


Guest Speaker: Minister of Enterprise & Innovation


Startups making an Impact

Hear from several entrepreneurs who are building companies with plans to make a big impact on people's lives. Heidi Lindvall will moderate a panel with the founders of Flowcup and Nanovare. 


Startup Story

Early-stage startup, STRONGMom will share their startup story. 


Do you need to be in Silicon Valley to build a startup?

A lively debate between three entrepreneurs on whether a startup needs to be based in Silicon Valley to truly succeed. Those debating will be Johan Brissmyr, who moved from Malmö to Silicon Valley to build his cybersecurity startup Castle, Vedra H. Tabor who relocated her startup from Berlin to Malmö, and Betty Toth, who recently moved back to Malmö from Silicon Valley. 


Building Communities Q&A Session

A sit down conversation between the event moderator, Aisha Mossberg and Jeremie Poirier, the Managing Director of the startup community organisation Malmö Startups. Discussing how Skåne's startup community came to be and where it's heading. 


Closing of Startup Live!

A final Thank You from the evening's moderator, Aisha Mossberg.


Mingle & Afterparty

Cold (alcohol-free) drinks and snacks will be provided during the afterparty. 



Steve Angello
DJ, Investor and member of Swedish House Mafia

Fireside Chat Q&A

Steve Angello is a globally renowned DJ and member of Swedish House Mafia, who produced hits like Save the World and Don't You Worry Child. Angello has also invested over 200m SEK in more than 50 startups, and recently announced his initiative to help at-risk youth, För Vårt Malmö. 

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Aisha Mossberg

Event Moderator

Aisha is currently studying and Lund University and working with the Malmö-based startup, Panion. 

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Mikael Damberg
Minister of Enterprise & Innovation, Sweden

Guest Speaker

Mikael Damberg serves as Minister for Enterprise and Innovation. He is responsible for matters relating to information technology, enterprise and industrial policy, regional growth, and state-owned enterprises, among other areas. 

This is Minister Damberg's first time joining Startup Live! in Malmö and we look forward to welcoming him to our community. 

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Vedra Högqvist Tabor
Co-founder & CEO, BOOST Thyroid

Silicon Valley or anywhere?, Panelist

Dr. Vedrana has spent thirteen years researching cancer immunology and ways to more successfully treat cancers. She is a multiple awarded scientist, with her last post at Karolinska Institute. Before starting her current company helping people diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid diseases, Vedra was Director of Science at period tracking app Clue.

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Mohamed Taha
Founder, Nanovare

Impact Panelist

Mohamed is the CEO & Founder of Nanovare, whose product Mojo Pro brings the power of data to male fertility testing. Mohamed is also a PhD candidate in the Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy group at the Nanotechnologies Institute of Lyon. 

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Diana Lidforsen
Founder, Flowcup

Impact Panelist

Diana is the founder and CEO of Flowcup, the producer of a new, more comfortable menstrual cup that also provides their feminine care product to girls in developing countries for free. Diana has led the company in everything from product development, manufacturing, launch, partnerships to sales. 

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Jeremie Poirier
Managing Director, Malmö Startups

Building Communities

Jeremie is the Managing Director of Malmö Startups. He co-founded the Helsingborg-based startup accelerator, THINK Accelerate as well as Helsingborg's startup organisation Growhbg. He has a background working with startups in renewable energy and social media management.

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Heidi Lindvall
Head of Accelerator, Fast Track Malmö

Impact Panel, Moderator

Heidi is the Head of Accelerator at Fast Track Malmö and Co-founder of interactive video startup, Storygami. She is a Virgin Media Pioneer, went through 500 Startups with Storygami and was a finalist for the Women of the Future Awards 2013 in the Media category. 

She also has a background working with human rights, previously co-founding CODOC, an award-winning digital video company dedicated to creating spaces for critical thought through media. 

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Johan Brissmyr
Founder & CEO, Castle

Silicon Valley or anywhere?

Johan is the co-founder of Castle, a cybersecurity startup preventing account takeover attacks that is protecting millions of online user accounts. Castle was a part of the world's best incubator program, Y Combinator and has raised investments from First Round Capital, and more. They are currently based out of Silicon Valley. 

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Emma Gunnebrink
Founder & CEO

Startup Story

Emma is the CEO of Dedecco, they offer digital interior design services that are affordable, efficient, and personal. 

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Neil Murray
Founding Partner, The Nordic Web Ventures

Fireside Chat Moderator

Neil is a journalist and founder of The Nordic Web Ventures, an Angel Fund backed by 50+ community builders, entrepreneurs and investors passionate about supporting early-stage Nordic startups.

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Maria El-Haddad
Founder & CEO

Startup Story

Maria is the founder of StrongMom, a fitness app for mothers, mothers to be and recovering moms, to help them keep fit through all stages of motherhood. 

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Betty Toth
CEO, ipiit

Moderator, Silicon Valley Panel

Betty is the CEO of ipiit, a food scanner that helps you check products for food allergy triggers, specific ingredients & nutrition facts when grocery shopping. She recently relocated from Silicon Valley back to Malmö. 

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Organised by Malmö Startups

Lisa Rydje, Women in Entrepreneurship
Jeremie Poirier, Managing Director at Malmö Startups
Elin Vängbo, Investor Relations
Karsten Deppert, Board member at Malmö Startups
Joel Larsson, Board member at Malmö Startups
Evan Farbstein, Content & Social Media
Hampus Jakobsson, Board member at Malmö Startups
Charlotta Tönsgård, Board member at Malmö Startups
Charlotta Falvin, Chairman at Malmö Startups